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Mobility Pitch Day Sustainable Mobility

Date of event: 09.02.2023
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About Sparker

SPARKER is a global network of influential innovators, investors, and key automotive stakeholders dedicated to accelerating sustainable mobility innovation with a special focus on the automotive aftermarket.

Through collaboration, investments, and commercial opportunities, we foster partnerships and spark initiatives at an unprecedented speed.

Startups Criteria

Pitch day

The first volume of the Mobility Pitch Day was co-hosted by Sparker and Novazure to give more visibility to startups leading the area of #Sustainable Mobility. 
The pitch day was hosted on the 9th of February, 2023 where a total of 6 startups raising from a Seed Round to a Series B pitched to raise a total of 100M+ euro/usd.

Who can apply

Startups from all over the world contributing to sustainable mobility are eligible to apply. Nevertheless, ONLY STARTUPS THAT ARE ACTIVELY FUNDRAISING are eligible for Pitch day. Startups must apply via Sparker Platform before December 30th CET to be considered in Pitch Day. All selected startups must go through a one hour pitch revision with Sparker and Novazure Teams before Pitch Day. There is no cost for participation and at no time startups will be asked to pay a fee.

Event in collaboration

This Mobility Pitch Day is co-hosted by Sparker and Novazure. Our main objective is to leverage our experience and specific knowledge of the market to help startups accelerate their growth while providing industry members with access to the best startups for investment & partnership opportunities. Novazure helps startups, corporates and investors to unlock value driven by market dynamics and digital innovations in energy and mobility favouring impactful green initiatives and ventures. To further create opportunities for the startup industry and the aftermarket to cross paths, Sparker and Novazure will be organizing a Pitch Day where 8 pre-selected startups will be able to pitch in front of individual and corporate investors in the aftermarket industry.

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