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About Sparker

SPARKER is a global network of influential innovators, investors, and key automotive stakeholders dedicated to accelerating sustainable mobility innovation with a special focus on the automotive aftermarket.

Through collaboration, investments, and commercial opportunities, we foster partnerships and spark initiatives at an unprecedented speed.

About the Challenge

Nexus Automotive International

Nexus Automotive International [NAI] is a leading trading group in the automotive aftermarket sector, with a presence in 140 countries, providing services to its members’ community of over 2000 automotive parts distributors. NAI is committed to bring innovative solutions to support its members’ community and has set up the innovation committee with the main objective to generate new business opportunities through collaboration and potential investments with carefully selected startups.

Why to apply?

The selected startups will benefit from:

A unique opportunity to enter into a partnership agreement with NAI as an innovative supplier and be actively promoted throughout their global community of aftermarket distributors and their network of garages. 

An option to enter into a tailored business development agreement, leveraging the support of a dedicated business developer.

Opportunities to engage in direct collaboration or investment discussions with members of the innovation committee.

Participation conditions

The participation is open to all startups members of the Sparker community. We welcome newcomers! The startup has passed Pre-Seed and is before Series C stage The product presented is beyond Proof Of Concept

Application Deadline: This is a rolling application for pitch sessions every 6 weeks on average. Publication of results: 1 week prior to each Innovation Committee sessions.

Selection criteria and specifications

For each pitch session, 2 startups are selected based on their technology, their traction, the quality of the team, and the potential business fit with NAI members’ community. 

Startups active in one of the following pillars will be considered: 

  • Vehicle Diagnostic Solutions: Solutions to improve diagnostics performance for workshops, adaptation to new technologies (ADAS, EVs, data collection…) and vehicle failures, preventive maintenance, vehicle maintenance history 
  • Innovative aftermarket Parts: Innovative vehicle parts, accessories, and solutions adapted for the aftermarket e.g: Vehicle connectivity solutions Workshop operations: Special repair tools adapted to new technologies, voice guidance, smart voice interfaces for operators, automatization of tasks, Easy access to repair information, applications to enhance workshop customer’s experience and retention, workshop management systems, workshop network management systems 
  • EV-related specific services: Adapted charging solutions for best efficiency, workshops selling charging services, retrofit of ICE vehicles to EV, battery health and safety check services, battery repair solutions 
  • Road assistance services: Portable roadside charging Training/Learning solutions to upskill workshop employees Logistics management: Solutions to improve/optimize all logistics operations (potentially supported by AI), sustainable/green logistics, use of Commercial Evs or alternative fuels, use of Micro-mobility networks 
  • Warehouse management: Solutions to improve warehouse operations, enhanced forecasting solutions to optimize stock, automatization, robotization, AI-based technologies, and smart voice interfaces. 
  • Circular economy: Repaired and remanufactured automotive parts business, reverse logistics of parts, business of second life for batteries.

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