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At SPARKER, we're building an ecosystem of sustainable mobility stakeholders. If your expertise lies in the mobility innovation and sustainability industries, SparkerHub offers great opportunities to engage with startups, corporates, investor and other experts. Join us today.

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Transfer your expertise and share your knowledge to guide and inspire the innovators of tomorrow. By joining SPARKER, you'll open doors to a world of opportunities. Together, let's drive innovation, foster collaboration and create a brighter tomorrow for all involved. 

Key Factors

Leverage SPARKER’s network of connections to broaden your influence and make a significant impact in the sustainable mobility industry

Enhanced visibility

As an expert on Sparker, you will have the opportunity to meet corporates, startups and investors to offer your expertise on the latest in sustainable automotive mobility

Global impact

Our extensive worldwide network enables professionals to connect with key stakeholders in the industry and form partnerships on a deep level.

  • Promote creative automotive solutions
  • Drive transformation across the entire industry
  • Play a significant role and make an impact
Key advantages

What we propose

At SPARKER, we introduce a unique approach to sustainability in mobility innovation, emphasising collaboration and global connectivity for experts.

Collaborative guidance

Our objective is to unite experts, startups and corporations to foster innovation and drive advancements within the industry.

Global connectivity

Through our expansive network, experts can access a global audience, allowing them to establish connections and share insights across the globe.

Guidance and mentorship

Provide the right guidance and mentorship to nurture the next generation of industry leaders.

Impactful services

Our comprehensive support and resources aim to foster development and ensure your success in the automotive aftermarket.

Promoting innovation

We encourage experts to explore groundbreaking ideas and transformative opportunities that can shape the industry's future globally.

Digital platform

Connect. Boost. Accelerate.

We proudly host on our digital platform a diverse community of experts, each possessing the potential to drive transformative impact and contribute to the advancement of sustainable mobility.