SPARKER community


SparkerHub allows investors to search, favorite and connect with startups that align with their investment thesis and interests.



Investors are an integral part of the Sparker Community and helps with fostering collaboration, accelerating innovation and supporting the transition to sustainable mobility.

Key Factors

Deal flow

SparkerHub offers visibility and access to hundreds of global, sustainable mobility startups from pre-seed to C, with focus areas like EVs, batteries, supply chain and logistics, maintenance, repair, and much more.

Supporting your porfolio

The Sparker Community can help support your portfolio companies by offering Open Innovation opportunities with corporates, PoCs, commercial partnerships, M&As, connections to other investors and more.

Expert Network

Our extensive global network enables investors to connect with industry experts on a variety of issues, providing an alternate analysis on startups, products and strategies

Key advantages

What we propose

SPARKER is a thriving community of relevant, engaged and influential innovators, corporates, investors, mentors and experts - all of whom are dedicated to accelerating innovation in Sustainable Mobility.

Collaborative innovation

SPARKER brings investors, startups, and corporates onto a single platform to drive innovation and catalyse industry growth in sustainable mobility

Global connectivity

Our platform allows investors to access a wide array of investment opportunities from startups around the globe focused on building a sustainable, mobile future

Expert guidance

Our network of professionals helps investors navigate the automotive industry landscape, enabling them to make well-informed decisions.

Valuable network

We foster a valuable network that facilitates meaningful interactions and collaborations to drive sustainable growth and innovation in mobility

Impactful services

Sparker offers a variety of valuable resources to support all stakeholders in the transition to sustainable mobility

Promoting innovation

We support investors in driving the transformative possibilities of their portfolio companies that will reshape the industry's future

Digital platform

Connect. Boost. Accelerate.

Our platform is a one-stop-shop that brings the industry needs to the forefront, supports every stakeholder, builds lasting collabortaions to help accelreate the sustainable innovation, implementation and financial success