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We accelerate growth by connecting startups to relevant automotive corporates and investors. Get support from our experts to go the extra mile!



SPARKER offers a comprehensive suite of services aimed at bolstering every aspect of a startup’s journey. Whether it’s refining business development strategies or navigating the complexities of new market entry, SPARKER has the expertise and resources needed to guide startups, every step of the way. With SPARKER, you’ll find a nurturing environment that empowers you to transform innovative ideas into meaningful realities.

Innovative mobilty


SPARKER offers a range of invaluable resources and support for startups across the mobility value chain. Through our platform, you’ll gain unprecedented visibility from key industry players across the automotive sector who are eager to fuel innovation and transformation, including corporates, experts, mentors and investors. 

As a member of SPARKER, you’ll gain access to a full suite of tailored services designed to ensure that you receive the precise support you need to thrive. Our vast international network enables you to tap into opportunities and collaborations that foster innovation on a global scale.

Key factors

We offer an exceptional opportunity for members to enhance their presence.

Enhanced Visibilty

Through our vast network, SPARKER ensures that members gain the attention and visibility they need to succeed in the industry.

  • Gain necessary exposure and connections
  • Showcase your innovative ideas
  • Reach a relevant, global audience
Strategic Investments

SPARKER facilitates members’ access to strategic investments, which allows growth in business development.

  • Achieve financial backing and support
  • Benefit from tailored solutions to your specific needs
  • Ensure efficient goal achievement
Overcome Challenges

SPARKER experts and mentors are an incredible source of knowledge and support to get through temporary hurdles.

  • Manage complexities & refine strategies
  • Overcome technological obstacles
  • Gain assistance to navigate market entry intricacies
Global Expansion

Our global network allows members to access new opportunities and establish collaborations with established companies, assisting them in achieving their objectives.

  • Tap into new markets
  • Explore the latest opportunities
  • Expand on a global level
Key advantages

What we propose

At SPARKER, we introduce a unique approach dedicated to sustainable mobility innovation. Through establishing strategic alliances and initiating impactful campaigns, we create opportunities to expedite the mobility transition.

Open Innovation

At SPARKER we believe that collaboration through open innovation can revolutionize the automotive sector. This is why we aim to bring all members to one table, and turn innovative ideas into reality.

Global Connectivity

Through our expansive network, we enable global visibility for all members, allowing them to establish connections, benchmark or combine strengths across the globe.

Expert Guidance

SPARKER provides startup members with access to a diverse community of valuable experts and mentors, offering guidance and support at every step.

Valuable Network

We foster a valuable network connecting various industry players, facilitating meaningful interactions and collaborations that drive transformation and growth.

Impactful Services

Through our range of services, we encourage creative thinking and groundbreaking, transformative ideas to get implemented faster.

Promotion of Innovation

Our mission is to actively promote innovation by encouraging collaboration between the automotive industry and innovators, shaping the industry's future

Digital platform

Connect. Boost. Accelerate.

SPARKER proudly supports a diverse community of members, each with the potential to revolutionize the sustainable mobility landscape. Our digital platform, SparkerHub, incoporates technology that facilitates impactful connections leading to breakthrough results through collaboration, investments and commercial opportunities. 

Mobility Innovation

Events & Challenges

Challenges In person
MEMA Aftermarket Startup Challenge

The Mema Aftermarket Startup Challenge is aimed to select 6 startups disrupting the North American automotive aftermarket industry to pitch at the Mema aftermarket conference.

Challenges Online
Mobility Pitch Day Sustainable Mobility

This Mobility Pitch Day is co-hosted by Sparker and Novazure. Sparker is an online platform pushing innovation in the mobility industry, especially in the automotive aftermarket sector.

Events Online
MyTVS partnership with SPARKER

MyTVS and Sparker partnership aims to provide Indian based startups with opportunities to accelerate their growth by joining a global ecosystem of corporate, investors, experts and mentors.

Challenges Online
NAI Startup Challenge

Nexus innovation committee is committed to bring innovative solutions to support its members’ community. Its main objective is to generate new business opportunities with selected startups. Sparker is managing the NAI Innovation Committee and has organized this challenge to select the startups.

Challenges In person
Sparker Hub: Future Of EV Challenge Barcelona

Sparker will be holding the Future of EV Challenge Barcelona where a total of 8 startups will be selected to join us at the Tomorrow Mobility Conference

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Startups Corporate

MEMA Aftermarket Startup Challenge

MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers Announces New Opportunity for Emerging Aftermarket Technology Startups.


The Start-up Village at the heart of EQUIP AUTO Lyon

Innovation and start-ups are deeply rooted in EQUIP AUTO's culture, notably through its dedicated space, the Start-up Village.

Corporate Investors

Sparker anticipates a bright future

2023 was a year of consolidation for Sparker, the startup officially launched at the end of 2022. Its proposition: build an ecosystem of startups dedicated to mobility. 2024 will therefore see the first tangible partnerships and deals between the members of the community.


Sparker: accelerating innovation in sustainable mobility

Committed to sustainable mobility, Sparker connects start-ups specialized in this field with major manufacturers, to significantly accelerate innovation in this forward-looking sector.


Paving the road to the future of sustainable mobility: Avenues for startup in India.

Sustainable mobility promotes transportation methods and systems that are economically, environmentally and socially sustainable, is paramount importance globally.